Our mission

Facilitating accessibility to a voluntary model of wealth redistribution inspired by the gift economy , which connects professionals and recipients of private health services through an online platform and a network of services.

By joining our community, our members become the vectors of a community health movement with high potential for outreach and social transformation .


Our Values


Access to services is part of our identity. It is towards this primary mission that all our decisions are oriented. In other words, Sera aims for social and financial prosperity in order to be able to expand its activities throughout Quebec, Canada and possibly elsewhere in the world.

Trust & transparency

Our business model is based entirely on the trust that customers place in us. If this trust is broken, the whole model will be in jeopardy. This is why trust and transparency is an integral part of the company towards its customers, but also through its internal team.


Consistency is the alignment between the values ​​and the actions of our company, our employees and our partners. All our decisions must be consistent with the company’s mission and aspirations. We use as a benchmark our ease in communicating all of our decisions with members of the SERA team, our clients and the general public.

Our story

In 2016, Jean-Félix started the first Sera Clinic in Rouyn-Noranda. His goal: to prove that the model of redistribution of wealth was working. In 2017, Michaël Beauséjour started the second Sera Clinic in Ste-Adèle. In two years, both clinics are more than $ 25,000 and redistributed more than 300 free sessions. Since summer 2018, the Sera team has not stopped growing to launch a first version of the web platform that will decentralize the idea of ​​clinics into a project that applies everywhere in Quebec.

Our team

Here are the members of the crew who will participate in making our adventure a lasting and resilient experience!

Jean-Félix Perreault


Michaël Beauséjour


Yanic Olivier

Backend developper

Yannick Sévigny

Frontend developper


The idea behind SERA

The idea behind SERA

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Which approach / professional should I choose?

Which approach / professional should I choose?

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