Gift Economy

Sera is inspired by the Gift Economy. Here’s why

In recent years, Airbnb and Uber have demonstrated the full potential (both positive and negative) that the sharing economy could bring to society. More recently, we are witnessing the emergence of the circular economy, a production philosophy aimed at maximizing the use of raw resources in a logic of sustainable development, of which LOOP is one of the leaders in Quebec.


Sharing and maximizing the use of resources has been a part of human life forever. It’s only recently that we’ve seen a lot of companies put sharing at the center of their business models. Like sharing, giving is also present in our daily lives. Will aspire to be among the first companies to make the “pay it forward” a successful business model both economically and socially.

What is the gift economy? It is a mode of exchange in which valuables are neither exchanged nor sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement of immediate or future returns to the person giving. For us, this is the logical continuation of all these initiatives aimed at transforming the capitalism system we live into an increasingly fair and equitable society.

Gifting is at the very foundation of what unites us to each other. That is, when we give to a friend, neighbor or stranger, we nurture the relationship that binds us to that person. All of these intangible connections are important in helping us thrive in the community. Donation is an integral part of our daily lives. Every time we make a gesture of generosity, that we offer time or money to a loved one or a stranger, we enter into gifting.


The gift economy proposes that one migrates from a lifestyle based on having (individualism, power and superiority) to a mode based on being (sharing, compassion, empathy , the gift and the love). A community based on contribution rather than consumption. It is in this vision of the economy that Sera offers its customers to pay it forward, to take care of them while taking care of others. Together, let us facilitate the transition of a society whose main value is the well-being of its members rather than the enrichment of a small number of individuals.

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I am fortunate to have good insurance now, so I was comfortable offering an amount as a voluntary payment. I would have liked treatments for my children or me a few years ago, but I could not afford it. I am happy to be able to contribute to the accessibility of such treatments for other families.

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