Osteopathy is a manual therapy. It is a medicine in its own right, that is to say that its application aims to cure any type of functional disorder of the human body. By helping the proper function of anatomical structures such as muscles, bones or organs for example, the osteopath can help his clients to remove pain and discomfort.


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Massage therapy

Massage therapy is an approach whose general objectives are to promote relaxation, circulation, digestion, etc. Massage therapists practice a large number of different techniques, which is why you have to be well informed about your preferences before choosing your professional.


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Naturopathy is an art and a science aimed at promoting an optimal level of health through natural and ecological means. This complementary medicine perceives the individual as a whole and the symptoms of the disease as red flags of a dysfunction whose origin must be identified. The approach is to oppose the real causes of the internal imbalance without repressing or hampering the body’s defense and self-regulatory responses.



Psychotherapy is a psychological treatment. It aims to bring about changes in attitudes, behaviors, ways of thinking or reacting in a person, in order to allow them to feel better, to find answers to their questions, to solve problems, to make choices. , to understand each other better.

In Quebec, a license is required to practice psychotherapy: psychologist’s license, doctor’s license or psychotherapist’s license.


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